Monday, 18 July 2011

Consolation Defeat - Update

I came back to my apartment and entered my Conso match into XG2. I played at a PR of 3.85 and that included a whole load of cubes that I held off deliberately as my opponent was taking everything. My opponent played at a PR of 18.81.

I am reasonably pleased with how I played. I am obviously disapointed by the result.

Here is how it all ended for me. I was losing 8-6 match to 11 points.

I didn't cube this:

As I felt sure my opponent would still be taking in a few turns.

I then rolled 33 and my opponent rolled 54 bringing us to this position.

I felt I had to cube this as it is now a huge pass with my 17 pip race lead.

My opponent takes.

I roll 33, he rolls 63 and, of course I roll the 63 leaving the blot.

So we are in this position:

And my opponent recubes to 4!

Yes he did. He recubed to 4 from here.

Leading 3-away 5-away, holding a 2-cube and with 11 hitting numbers.

I take. He rolls the 3. I recube. He looks surprised and takes. I fan. He covers.

Consolation Number 2 here I come...

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