Friday, 15 July 2011

Flying to Nice

Zoe and I are finally on our way to the 2011 World Backgammon Championship in Monte Carlo. We are at the distinctly unglamorous Gatwick Airport and will be flying to Nice before jumping in a taxi to Monte Carlo. We are staying in an apartment building just up the road from the Fairmont and should get there by 10 ish local time. I hope to be in the playing area at the Fairmont with a cold glass of Chablis by 10:30 and will endeavour to post some pictures, initial impressions and words of wisdom from any giants that I bump into. I have already hedged away GBP2 of my entry fee to my friend and colleague Alex Arblaster who has bet with me that I will win at odds of 120 to 1! Let's see how many players register this year in the Championship Division.

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