Wednesday, 20 July 2011

What an unbelievable couple of Semi-Finals here in Monte Carlo

A fantastic day of backgammon here at the World Championships. In the first semi-final Weaver took on Gullotta. The match went to DMP. Weaver had 2 checkers off and had a nice distribuion against Gullotta's ace-point anchor. Only 65 would blot. Out pops 65. Gullotta hits. His board is hardly perfect so there is hope for Weaver yet but it is not to be. Weaver looks shell shocked but wishes his opponent luck in the next round - ever the gentleman.

Then in the second semi-final Suzuki comes back from 19-10 down to Mochi to level at 20 all. Then he loses 2 points to go 22-20 down. Then he gets it back to DMP. By this time he is down to just 29 seconds on his clock. Mochy is playing a holding game but rolls double 66 that forces him to break contact and move into a bad race.

Suzuki could still lose on time or lose the race. And then the clock breaks! It starts flashing at 1:00 each and then starts counting upwards! Consternation amongst the spectators. Both players agree to roll the race out without a clock.

Mochi cannot find the big numbers he needs and Suzuki rolls his way into the backgammon history books.

It should be a great final tomorrow. My money is on Suzuki but don't write Gullotta off just yet. It's backgammon and anything can happen.

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  1. Not that it matters much, but in the DMP Fabio did not have the Ace point anchor, he had 2 checkers on the bar...